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Energy Recovery System is a company based in Spain, dedicated to the manufacturing of Air Preheater Elements and spares for Air-Gas Preheaters and Gas-Gas Heaters, and to the onsite maintenance of these equipments.

Energy Recovery System has become one of the main manufacturers of Air Preheater and Gas-Gas heaters worldwide in the last years.

Among our clients, we have some of the most important Electric and Petrochemical Companies in several countries,


which proves the confidence and satisfaction with ERS products worldwide.

Our highly qualified personnel has a vaste experience in the manufacturing and assembly of Air Preheater and Gas-Gas Heater Elements, which positions our Company as a leader in this sector.

During 2009, we incorporated a cutting edge enamelling plant to our facilities,


incrementing our manufacturing potential.

Our premises in Cartagena have a production capability of more than 4000 Tn of steel / year, allowing us to supply our products to more than 40 different countries.

We have cutting edge machinery, and our equipment is the most modern and advanced of the market. We continuously keep improving and making automatic processes for the manufacturing of our products, which results in an excellent quality, which gets reflected in our clients’ confidence and satisfaction.